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In this article, discover the different components of Ruby on Rails

Many tools are used to develop web applications. It can be said that the list is long and most tools offer impeccable results. One of the most used mostly by startups is ruby ​​on rails which has lots of convincing benefits. Not only is it effective, but in addition, its many components make it a must. Knowing and knowing these components will greatly help in the adoption of the tool as ruby on rails development company does so well.

The language and framework

First and foremost, be aware that ruby ​​on rails is a framework that uses ruby ​​as the basic language. The latter is a language already interpreted, oriented object while being multi paradigm. As for the framework, it is open source and has a good panoply of features. First of all it should be noted that this framework has been developed based on two fundamental principles namely the DRY or Do not Repeat Yourself which aims to collect as much as possible all the elements in a single point thanks to the architecture MVC as well as metaprogramming with ruby. Also, ruby ​​on rails or ror also has the convention over configuration which will avoid over specifying the work since it will already follow a well established convention. Default behaviors are therefore already anchored with ruby ​​which will facilitate all the more the development work.


What stands out the most ruby ​​is the fact that the development work is particularly fast with him. Clearly, to develop a simple site like a blog, for example, it will require just a sixty line of code in everything that is a record. To do this, ror already offers a structure at work for better management. Migrations will also be possible in order to make the structure evolve easily. With the Active Record function, it will be easy to manipulate the database for better results. Also, the work will be done in three specific environments that will make work even easier. Of course, the security codes will be advocated too. Note also the presence of a Java library integrated in ror and caches as well as the possibility of doing tests will also be waiting for you.

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