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Complementary solution to show your products online (Ecommerce solutions)

To put its products for sale online, there are only three possible solutions: either you open a business account or a business account on a site of e-commerce, either you create your own online store or you create your own e-commerce site.

Opening an account

To start your online business, you can create a business account or a business account in e-commerce site already established as Amazon or eBay. It is on these sites that has more volume without forgetting that you must also make deliveries which could be more complex than you think especially if you have no knowledge regarding the customs rules local. On eBay, for example, you must use Paypal whether to sell or to buy. In case you have not received your purchase or it does not fit completely to your expectations, you can make a conflict resolution request. By creating this account you will benefit from both the reputation and trust that users place on these sites. However, remember that there is a commission for each transaction. The competition is huge and customizing your shop is very limited.

An online store on established sites

You can also create your online store ready to operate through established sites. This is a solution that is very easy to implement especially if you do not have the required knowledge on the subject while customizing your site. Simply take out a lump free subscription trying at first. However, you need to invest heavily in the creation, maintenance and of course the SEO of your site.

Have its own e-commerce website

This last option is the most recommended. However, if you do not have the skills to do this, you need to use external agencies. You will have a site turnkey ready with a totally personalized design and only offering you features that allow you to target the needs of your customers and also allows you to have more freedom of action. Sites like Elite Print, also offers online personnalization to add a module that will be connected directly to your site so that all users can access your site wherever they are and no matter the material they use for this do. In addition, you can connect the module to two other sites that belong to you without having to pay an annual license.

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